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BEST series 可选项

Piece UPC 标签装置

Capable of Inserting Piece UPC Paper Labels.

  • Piece UPC Labeler
    Piece UPC 标签装置

  • Wide Inserting Range
          You Can Insert Piece UPC Labelers on Anywhere
          in the Clamp Side and Also Side by Side with Fabric Labels.
    One Label Case Covers Each Label Size
          Newly Developed Label Case Can Flexibly Handle Each Size.
                Label Sizes Capable for;
                      Width: 20mm~60mm
                      Length: 30mm~60mm


Piece UPC 标签装置 movie

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Piece UPC Labeler QuickTime
480×270   6.5MB
1 min.
BEST series 可选项
Piece UPC 标签装置