Barudan 多头式电脑刺绣机的先驱者

KS Automat

  • 标准机能 ⁄ 装备


KS Automat
PHOTO   KS Automat

1. USB端口

Two USB ports are provided for quick and easy loading of designs.

2. LAN Port

Standard LAN port allows PC connectivity with Barudan networking software.

3. Memory Capacity

Maximum of 100 designs can be saved in memory.

4. 触摸屏式LCD


5. Short Cut Function

Ability to register shortcuts into multiple groups.

6. Functions during Drive Mode

Input/output designs, make function list changes (colors),
and Machine Condition (MC) changes while machine is running.

7. Centering Function

Automatically set the design in the center of the frame you choose.
Operator can also input and save the frame data into the automat.

8. Diagnosis Function

Automatically diagnoses the communication system of the machine.